Escalators Moving Walks

Escalators, Moving Walks

IS technology cooperates with well known manufacturers of escalators and moving walks.
IS technology can provide OEM manufacturing, high quality and competitive prices. Our products come with various options for drives (Standard or Siemens), Machines (Standard product or Brand product) and finishing (coating st/st brushed/ mirror).

All products are quality checked, prewired and R2R (Ready To Run).

Typical Specifications:

- Step width 800mm
- Step Aluminum
- Brand for gearbox Xinda (Optional SIEMENS)
- Start Star Triangle
- Handrail color Black
- Handrail speed watch (Optional)
- Auto lubrication system (Optional)
- Alarm for stop distance overrun (Optional)
- Height for balustrade 1000mm
- Balustrade profile 1.5mm stainless steel
- Balustrade panel 10mm tempered safety glass
- Handrail color Black
- Horizontal step Two
- Speed 0.5m/s
- Capacity 6750 persons/hour
- Voltage 380V,50Hz
- Power 8.0KW
- Outside Cladding 1.0mm Hairline stainless (Optional)
- Installation Indoor (Outdoor - optional)
Escalators Moving Walks

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