Lift Modernization & Components

IS technology offers complete modernization packages for elevators that have over exceeded their designed life cycle and suggested operational limits.
IS technology engineers studies each assigned modernization project, by taking into consideration all possible technical difficulties that might be faced on site.

With professional care IS technology produces the final product with attention to details and provides exceptional renovating sets that combines advanced engineering  with stylish design.

IS technology offers complete modernization packages both for Traction or Hydraulic elevators.

Our SEMI-MODERN Package includes:
- Traction Machine (Or Hydraulics for HYDRO applications)
- Elevator Controller
- Handheld inspection control box, Flat flexible cables, CTC, Sensors, Switches, Pit Station
- Landing Stations and COP
- False ceiling with LED Lightning
- Steel Ropes with Rods and clamps
- Over speed Governor and Pit Buffers
- Optionally RTR pre wiring with shaft lightning
- Optionally Landing and Cabin Doors
- Optionally Door detectors



IS Technology Offers a wide range of Cabins distinguished for the modern design , the high quality finishing's and antivandal contraction. 
A Wide variety of interior options that can satisfy even the most demanding architect designer.
Three Series of Cabin Models are available depending the manufacturing complexity:
Standard Cabin Models: (BASIS-EPOXY, VENUS-LAMINATO)

Lift cabins


Lift doors


IS technology provides a complete range of brand elevator doors manufactured in EU, for residential houses, commercial centers, offices, malls and industrial applications.


Lift Control

IS technology designs and produces lift controllers for all lift applications. Robust and innovative products are produced in our automation department. From simple projects to the more complex ones, IS can study, design and finally offer the best possible solution for each case. Our production line in controllers is divided in 3 series, ISL_V5-SERI, ISL_V4 and ISL_V2 lift controllers.
IS technology can provide all electrical parts of an elevator.

Lift Control


Traction Machines

Traction Machines

IS technology is working with well known traction machines manufacturers, for the quality, reliability and performance of their products. IS technology Guaranties the proper operation of the traction machines and offers only distinguished products for their quality characteristics.


Lift Components

IS technology can supply a wide range of lift components that follows the company quality standards. IS technology keeps a sufficient stock in order to be able to cove r the need of our customers in very short lead times.

Lift Components


Lift Hydraulics


A Complete Range of Pistons and Power Units are Available to Match any Project Demand. All Hydraulics are Produced in Italy By GMV with High Quality, Brand Recognition and Reliable Operation.