We design lifts mainly for low and medium rise buildings by using brand components and sophisticated technics in order to deliver high quality complete elevators.


IST's great advantage is flexibility in special projects and our big range of options in interior design for cabins and fixtures.


We support our exports with great responsibility in all stages, before and after sale.


We try to give solid solutions to problems using our experience and knowledge in order to have the best positive solution every time.

IST's goal is to maintain and increase the quality level of final products and services while keeping the operational and production costs in same or lower levels, in order to provide better and more competitive products.
We follow all new technologies in the Lift industry and our RnD department is always improving the existing or designing new products and features. A specialized team of mechanical and electrical engineers are studying and applying the best possible technical solutions for each and every different project we are assigned from our customers around the world.


Lift Modernization & Components

IS technology offers complete modernization packages for elevators that have over exceeded their designed life cycle and suggested operational limits.

Traction Elevators

IS technology studies, designs and produces complete Traction elevators for residential or commercial, low or medium rise buildings. Our traction elevators are distinguished for the smooth and low noise operation, the low power consumption levels and their high quality components.

Parking Systems

IS technology offers complete solutions for parking systems with a variety of products that covers almost the whole range of parking applications.

Hydraulic Lifts

IS's strategic goal, since the foundation of the company was to provide in International market, complete solutions in vertical transportation. For this purpose IS technology produced a complete range of hydraulic lifts ideal for residential or commercial low rise buildings.

Escalators, Moving Walks

IS technology cooperates with well known manufacturers of escalators and moving walks. All products are quality checked, prewired and R2R (Ready To Run).

Products for people
with physical disabilities

IS technology can provide complete product solutions to guarantee the accessibility for people with physical disabilities, both for indoors and outdoors installations.